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Big decision

Hi. Everybody.

I have big news to share.

I have decided to go to the event.

It’s the Penticton Wellness Fair.

It is held on Oct.28 -29. 2017

It was a big decision for me.

It took me a long time to decide.


1.To get there it takes about 3 hours by car. (I don’t like being in the car.)

2.It’s a two day event, once I register I have to be there both days.

3.The cost of getting the table was $228

4.I have to stay in hotel over night.

5.I have to leave my kitties home alone.

6.The cost of table, hotel, gas, food….

7.Of course I’m nervous what if nobody comes to my table.

8.It is mercury retrograde…

The reason for not to do this was endless.

People tend to stay in safe and comfortable. I’m no exception. I don’t like changes, unknown or uncertain.

I’ve been thinking about this well over a month, thinking about the reason not to go.

But then, this thought popped up in my mind Today while I was watering the garden.

“If I regret this ether way, I would rather regret it after I went.”

After this thought came over me, I started to think of the benefit of doing this.


1.This would be a great experience for me.

2.I’ve never been to Penticton.

3.I’ve never been to this kind of fair.

4.There must be interesting people there.

5.I haven’t gone out like this for a long time.

6.If I do this good things will come to me.

7.This is a beautiful time of the season, I can see the colour of the leaves turning.

It’s interesting how the mind works.

Oh, plus,

8.If I get 7 paid clients I will pass the class for sure.

So, I registered and payed.

it’s official. I’m doing this.

My mind is running but my heart is still not feeling it, not sinking in.

I still have time.

Do you have a big decision to make?

Love and Peace,


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