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Hi. Everybody.

This is continued from last week about the trap of intention.

I learned a new way of using the intuition and practiced it with my classmates.

The second time I practiced, I fell into this trap, and I was in a very bad place. I was almost swallowed up in the tornado of negativity.

Since then, I practiced with another member of the group.

Of course, they know I'm having a hard time with this.

But this time, I went in with a different mindset.

I know I can do the reading and I am the creator so there is no way I can NOT do this. Plus, this new way of using the intuition, it's a nice tool to have when you are teaching. So, even if I can't use it now, I can use it when the time comes.

It needs three people to do this practice, we have to take turns with each other. Think about it now, I felt like everybody was holding hands together, and respect each other, it was great teamwork.

Every piece of the information we receive, we talk about it, analyze it, try to understand it, little by little, we proceed with baby steps.

Each of us was trying to understand this new way of intuition, and wanting to use it, so there was a foundation of love, and everybody was trying with open minds.

The old me had the mindset of things that had to be a certain way, I was stuck, in the end, I couldn't get any information, but this time, I was relaxed so I was able to get some information.

What I realized from this practice was that just like every single person has a different character, and the way this person receives information is also different depending on the person.

I knew this in my mind, but it took some time until finally got it. I feel like I took one small step forward.

I really appreciate that I met these wonderful classmates through the past year. I wouldn't be here without them.

Even though everybody has the intuition, you can't see or feel the intuition like the stuff in the 3D world, so I think it's very difficult to trust that is real.

How do you use your intuition?

Love and Peace


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