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Living with senior cats

About a month ago,

my second daughter Tara had the bladder infection, so my husband and I took her to the vet.

Then this time, my first daughter Fluffy had similar symptoms, so we rushed her to the vet again.

We decided to have her blood test done so that we'll know how her kidney is working.

Fluffy was very brave.

I didn't know about this when the vet takes the blood out of the cat, the vet shaves a little fur off the throat then the vet finds a vein and takes the blood out of the throat.

Fluffy didn’t move and stayed still.

The vet was so surprised and said,

“She is very nice!!!! Is it because it’s YOUR (animal communicator's) kitty???”

I wanted to say yes but if this was Tara I know things wouldn't be the same. So, I told him No, it's her.

We found out that Fluffy is in the early stage of kidney disease from the result of the blood test.

She is 16 years old, sadly it's common for her age.

When I think about this, I’ve lived with the cat all my life, but Fluffy is the first one who has lived this long with me.

I want her to live as long as possible so I changed her diet a little.

Also, I found these.

It's "All Natural Supplements" from Pet Wellbeing

Urinary Gold for Feline Urinary Tract Health

Kidney Support Gold - Cat Kidney Disease Support

I was originally looking for something for bladder infection then I found something for kidney too, thinking that I can give them both, but when I asked to manufacture they don't recommend to give them both.

(I'm so glad that I asked.)

So, I give kidney one for Fluffy, urinary one for Tara.

When the cat has the kidney disease,

They tend to

・drink a lot of water

・throw up a lot

So if you are living with the senior cat please look for the sign. If you suspect your kitty may have kidney disease, take them to the vet.

I'm writing this blog while "Earthing" today too.

If you thought what is "Earthing?" read here.

Love and Peace


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