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Thrush & Steller's Jay

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®.

I have a morning routine every day when I wake up.

After I feed kitties and clean the litter,

I take care of the birds outside.

I live in a place surrounded by trees, therefore, lots of different and colourful birds visit me every season.

When winter comes, this bird shows up.


It's all white after the snow, then this bird appears, this colour of orange stands out in the white background, I am in awe of its grace and beauty.

Then I hear the noise outside. One is hogging the feeding area. The character of Thrush is very aggressive.

It attacks all the other species. I understand how it feels but I give them plenty of food. I worry if they hurt each other.

Funny thing is that when Thrush attacks Steller's Jay because the Thrush is smaller than Steller's Jay, some just jump a little, others kept eating, completely ignoring the Thrush.

Steller's Jay

Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash

I smiled when I saw this, thinking that every bird has a different personality.

When the Thrush is too aggressive and attacking small birds, the Steller's Jay comes between them and separates them.

Everybody is hungry this time of the season. A little bit of your love goes a long way.

Love and Peace Keiko

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