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March to the beat of your own drum

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I have a little garden that I grow some vegetables.

This year, I found 3 plants that are growing in voluntarily in my garden.

I though maybe they were some weeds or something, but for some reason, I left them alone.

Every time I see them becoming taller and taller.

It turned out to be this.


It boggled my mind why it grew in my garden, and there was three of them.

But interestingly, they reminded me of my friend who lived next door.

She passed away last year. She used to plant sunflowers for the birds.

She had been really good to me. I miss her dearly.

There is an apple tree in front of my garden.

Her daughter gave me a windchime as her keepsake.

These sunflowers grew right in front of the branches where I hung the windchime.

I'm 100% sure that she is saying hi from heaven.

I heard from somebody that sunflowers always bloom toward the sun.

If you look at this picture,

first of all, the one that is blooming now has it's back opposite from the sun.

second, there are 3 of them starting to grow at the same time, yet only one of them is blooming.

I felt this is also a message that they are saying,

Just like the idiom, "March to the beat of your own drum"

Each of us are uniquely special, you don't need to follow or compare to others,

just keep shining your light.

Love and Peace


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