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Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking about?
They know about you more than you think.
Animals are teachers.


In fact, You and your animal made an agreement

before you were born
to learn how to love myself, how worthy I am, etc.


It doesn't matter if the animal has a physical body or not.
They are still working with you.

And this lesson is always full of love, to help us grow.


You will be amazed once you know how or what an animal is teaching you. Then you will have a different perspective and

your relationship with your animal will become deeper,

as a result, you will find a better version of you.  


I would like to give you the knowledge and wisdom

that an animal kingdom has to offer.


This is a sample of my reading. Although no two sessions are the same, you can see how it works.

Danielle Mackinnon School of Animal communication Certified seal

I am a Certified
Soul Level Animal Communicator®
through the Danielle MacKinnon
School of Animal Communication

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    Origin of the name *Golden Fairy 444*

Golden Fairy 444 - Beads Lion (courage)

I used to make little animal keychains with beads.

The thought of “making a lion” popped up in my mind for 3 days.

Finally, I started to make a lion. I was having so much fun.

Then suddenly, the golden light showed up.

It was the size of a golf ball as if it was breathing,

the size of the light becomes a little bit bigger and smaller.

It was just like a butterfly, moving from right to left.

I was so surprised and frozen,

it came around my tummy and disappeared.

Fairies and animal kingdom are very close to each other.

I started to see number 4 everywhere, and one day I saw an angel.

My story is in Doreen Virtue's book, "Archangels 101".

444 is an angel number.

This name is perfect for my animal communication with

the blessings of the fairy realm and angels.

Keiko Watt holding brown Taby cat, Tara.jpg
The Secret Life Of Pets Revealed!

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by DeliveryRank about

Soul level animal communication®.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Yasmin Cunha the founder of MediumFinder about Soul level animal communication®.

Animal communicator Keiko Watt with Tara the cat
Animal Comunicator Keiko Watt with black kitty - MysticMag

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by MysticMag

about Soul level animal communication®.


HMPF Vendor Spotlight

I was interviewed by Carly the founder of HMPF to talk about Soul Level Animal Communication®.

I was interviewed by John Craig about my life and Soul level animal communication®. 

It’s podcast, so it is audio only.

He wrote the contents in English but audio is all in Japanese.


John Craig (Echan Deravy) - Real Rover

English about
Animal communicator-Keiko Watt with kitty


I was born and raised in Japan. When I came to visit a small town in Canada,

I fell in love with the magnificent beauty of nature.

Now I live happily with my husband and our new addition to the family a kitty named "Cocoa"

Coming to this country with one suitcase by myself, because I couldn’t speak English that well,

I got frustrated that I couldn’t tell what I wanted to say and

I was mad at myself not to be able to understand what others were telling me.


One day, I felt so lonely and sorry for myself, I was crying in the dark closet.

Then I realized my angels and guides who are lovingly surrounding me.

I was not alone and I knew how much I am loved from those beings.

Then I learned that my soul came here on Earth as a volunteer to help Earth within.

I came here to love.


While I’m learning “satori” (enlightenment), I met Animal Communication.

The soul choose which theme to learn.

Animals are the teachers who help humans to learn that lesson.

Once you know the soul lesson through Animal Communication, 

the relationship with your animal changes because you have a different perspective.

I was told that my reading style is like an "Emotional Bonsai"

I take good care with love for you and your animal so that

you know you are safe and protected to learn the core lesson from your animal


I would like to give you the knowledge and wisdom that an animal kingdom has to offer.


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MY SERVICES (Please refer session page)

English Service

Soul Level Animal Communication®

By Phone, Zoom or Skype reading(audio only)

1 animal​ with 1 question

30 Min  $60 (CAD)

45 Min  $80 (CAD)

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Whether living or passed, I will connect intuitively

and tell you what animal told me
e.g. What lesson you are working with your pet.
I will ask the question if you have 
but know that it is not necessarily
what they will answer to your question. 

*** I don't accept a lost animal case.

*** Please see your veterinarian for any medical advice.

Animal Communication Bunnies
Past life-ancient map with compas

Past Life Reading

zoom (audio only) reading

$60 (CAD)

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Past life readings will give you insight and help make sense of your present time experiences and beliefs.

Knowing your past life will bring healing and transformation so that you feel a great sense of comfort and understanding. 

Card Reading

zoom reading

1 Topic $80 (CAD)

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Would you like to know a deeper understanding of
what spirit is wanting to communicate to you?
or do you have a question about your love life?
I use Tarot and Oracle cards to give you an insight.
But know that you have the power
to choose which path you take.