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The Magical Touch of Ripley

Hi everyone, I’m Keiko, a Soul Level Animal Communicator®.

In my line of work, I often need to maintain a bit of detachment during sessions. If I become too emotional, it can be challenging to continue helping others. However, there are moments when certain animals touch my heart in unexpected ways.

Ripley the magical dog

Ripley was one such special soul. She was my client’s beloved dog, who crossed over the rainbow bridge on the day of an eclipse. A few days after our session, my client informed me of Ripley’s passing. Though it may sound unprofessional, I couldn't help but shed tears upon hearing the news. Despite being a cat person and not having known Ripley personally, she affected me profoundly. In my years of practice, I had never experienced something quite like this before.

My client often spoke about how extraordinary Ripley was, and I always believed that every animal holds a unique and special place in their human’s heart. But now, I truly understand the depth of Ripley's specialness.

She also mentioned Ripley's connection with unicorns. Curious about the significance, I decided to explore this mystical symbol further. To my surprise, I discovered that unicorns represent magic. I have a clear quartz crystal associated with unicorns, which has taught me about my inner child and childlike wonder. However, I had missed the crucial element of magic.

A few weeks later, unicorns seemed to appear everywhere. I watched a movie where unicorns were mentioned, noticed unicorn charms, and even stumbled upon a unicorn brooch—an odd coincidence that felt too deliberate to ignore. Ripley was sending me a message: to believe in magic.

Ripley was indeed a special dog with a magical touch. Her presence reminded me to embrace the wonder and magic in life.

What is your pet teaching you?

Love and Peace



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