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A gift from Fluffy

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I have great news!!

Meet Cocoa.

He is a new addition to my family.

black kitten

Some of you may remember,

I used to live with three kitties but all of them have passed away one by one last year.

This was hard. This might be the hardest thing that I experienced in my entire life.

Even an animal communicator goes through the same emotions like other people.

Everything that I valued didn't mean anything anymore, I was living on auto-pilot.

I could have adopted a cat from SPCA but I just couldn't bring myself to even look for a kitty.

Being a soul level animal communicator, I know if I don't have a soul contract with the animal, I couldn't spend a life with them.

Furthermore, I started to think I'm not good enough to be a parent of a kitty, all I could do is just watch birds outside and see someone else's cat on Facebook for the rest of my life, and I was ready to accept that mono-tone life.

Until three days ago.

Suddenly, I got a phone call from a neighbor, telling me that she got a kitten but this one didn't get along with the dog that she lives with. She asked me if I can take this kitty.

2 minutes later, Cocoa showed up at my door.

The moment that he saw me, he just looked at me with loving eyes, just like Fluffy used to do, and this guy even looks like her.

I knew she is the one who sent him to me.

I thought about the soul contract that he agreed to help me with before we were born, and he came all the way to find me, even though went through that trauma with the dog and all.

All I can feel was an appreciation for him.

My soul will grow under his guidance.

My kitties, who lived with me until last year, helped me become an animal communicator.

I will learn the lesson on a new level with Cocoa.

Love and Peace








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