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This little nudge...

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

I started thinking about a ring about two months ago.

I was looking for a gemstone, but not an expensive one from a jewelry store.

I received a newsletter from one of the metaphysical stores, I usually don't look, but I found myself looking through the gemstone ring selections.

Without no reason, I just felt like looking at them.

November is my birthday month.

So, I decided to buy a ring at this metaphysical store.

Then I thought if I'm going there, I might as well, bring my business card and flier to advertise myself.

On my birthday...

When we were driving on the way there, I was wondering which ring I should choose.

A big gemstone is nice but I like the colour of blue or green, I also prefer something shining.

We left the house late, to begin with.

We had to wait for the construction on the road.

Adding more, we hit all the red lights.

I was telling myself when we get there and if the store is closed, today is not the day.

We got there around 5 o'clock.

There were still lights on so I went inside.

I asked what time it's open till she told me that they are closing now.

I told her today is my birthday, and I am looking for a ring. Then she told me that she put away all the rings already in the back.

So, I gave up about the ring but still wanted to leave my business card. While I was telling her what I do, all of a sudden, the owner of this store showed up right next to me. I was really surprised. I've been to this store several times, but I didn't see her.

What surprised me, even more, is that I was not nervous, and I was explaining calmly about my reading and what soul level animal communication is all about.

I don't think I could've done that a year ago. I was so proud of myself. I spread the seeds. If I can reap what I sow, I don't know, but I did what I can.

After that, she said it is my birthday and we came so far out of town, so she brought out the rings from the back.

I was looking at moonstone and labradorite rings, suddenly, this deep blue shining stone jumped in my eyes, I took it out then the owner told me that stone is blue topaz.

Blue topaz is my birthstone.

I decided right away.

After I came home, I looked up the meaning of this stone.

It says...

Blue Topaz is a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. It is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, assisting those who wish to attune to inner guidance, as well as those who serve others through readings or spiritual healing.

This stone is exactly what I needed!!

Think back now,

we left home late,

hitting all the red lights,

I think it was an angel's divine act.

Because of that, I could meet the owner and talk about what I do in person, and finding a perfect ring for my birthday.

When you have an urge to do something with no reason, it is usually a sign from angels.

What kind of sign do you notice?

Love and Peace



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