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Animal Communication

I want you to know how my reading was done, so I put up the content of the reading and feedback on my blog. I have a permission to put up on my blog from readee. I used initial to protect there privacy.


Name of Human – Ms.S

Date: Apr.28.2017

Name – T

Gender – Male

Species – Dog

Alive or Passed – Alive

★Human Personality

I see the personality with color.You are royal blue color. To me this is the color of intuition, perception and the higher mind. I felt push around both temple area. I heard laughter. I feel like you hide your real emotion with laughter. Your energy came in as balloon like doll. Your feet are touching the ground but anytime soon you will float away. Because you know how others are feeling, you don’t want to hurt yourself or others, you have a tendency of NOT to engage deeper with people.

★Animal Personality

He came in panting and playful. He wants me to throw a ball. When I did, he went to get it and came back right away and waiting for me to throw again. Very playful and happy dog. Now he wants to play tug of war.

★Body info

I felt itch on both ears (more left side), left side neck, both arm between paw to elbow and lower back. All of them just little itch.


He likes to play a lot.

★What would he likes to change.

He showed me his food and I felt hungry. He wants more food.

★Soul contracts (The lesson the animal is helping human learn)

Be who you really are.

He showed me him catching a ball and you are relaxed and sitting in the nature then I heard laughter. He wants you to be you. Just the way you are and laugh from the bottom of your heart.

★How the animal is helping human

When you play with him, your mind become clear, you will know who you really are.


Stop being so busy, take time for yourself and play with him more.


When you take time for yourself and play with him more, you become even more clear. You will know that you don’t have to hide your emotion with laughter anymore and you will be OK with the way who you really are.

—– Feedback —–

Hi thanks heaps for that. Can Def relate to some of that for sure.

Love and Peace,


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