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Mysterious encounter

Hi. Everyone.

I experienced the incident that I never even imagined.

I live in the very old house which was build on 1947.

When I was sitting at the kitchen table, I heard a weird noise and that came from the wall.

I didn’t think anything of it, but I heard it again.

I looked around to find out where exactly it’s coming from.

This old house that I live in,

In old days, there was no oven that you could just plug in and it works.

People put some wood in the stove and then cooked on it.(wood stove)

Therefor, there is a circular hole on my wall by the oven.

It must’ve been where the chimney was.

But we don’t need this anymore, so someone who used to live before us closed that hole by plywood.

I just cover this ugly hole with nice little picture.

When I looked around where this noise was coming from second time, I witnessed this picture was vibrating.

Yeah I have the picture that vibrates now…

Thankfully, My hubby was home, so I told him what’s happening.

And he says it must been the bird that fell down in the chimney.

I grew up in the city, I just couldn’t believe what he said.

Chimney is so narrow that there is no space for the bird to fly up.

If we didn’t do anything, this bird will be…..

So, we decided to do something.

My husband took off the picture from the wall,

Then started to break the plywood.

While he is doing this, I closed all the door so that the bird wouldn’t go in.

And the circular hole on the wall appears as if it was a black hole connected to another Universe…

We waited for a while but it was silence.

We started to think Strange???

But I suggested to my hubby to wait little longer.


Suddenly, the little black bird appeared on the circle.


(Light one, brown female)

She was just chilling there and looking at us.

I think she was strategically thinking the way out.

In my kitchen, there is a door, big window and small window.

Next to the door there is a big window,

And Tara who became Youtube celebrity was sitting by the big window,

Me, hubby and Tara, our eyes are locked on that black bird.

Now here comes chaos.

I really didn’t see this coming.

That little bird is just chilling as if nothing was happening.

Sitting comfortable on the edge of the circular black hole.

Tara who is lost her patience started to walk toward the bird.

The moment Tara moved, the bird flew toward a small window which was the closest to her.

But this window has a screen ducttaped it from outside so that it’s not a quick getaway.

I screamed Tara’s name and grubbed her, while I put her in a different room and closed the door, Hubby was trying to break the screen open.

But because the bird can see the outside through the window, she hit herself on the window several times.

These are happening in several seconds.

By the time I came back putting Tara in the different room, the little bird was safely out from the space between the screen that my hubby broke open.

Hubby was so excited and says that the little bird was so close, he could have almost touch it. He even said “We saved the little life.”

I was happy too.

But I’m also as a woman, after all this debacle, I knew I have to clean up everything. Fill the hole again and vacuum

Hubby had to grab a ladder to ducttape the screen again.

It was hard.

But in spite of all that, I was happy about the end result.

Black birds are eating my bread that I baked.


Message from this little bird.

Find a stillness in chaotic situation.

Love and Peace,


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