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Have you seen the flower of a snake plant?

When I looked at my snake plant the other day, I noticed something growing there.

For a second I thought it was just a weed.

But it is growing from this snake plant.

There are two of them, one is flowering and the other one looks like buds.

They are quite tall, about 30cm, and could be taller than that.

Flowers are dainty.

snake plant flower

snake plant flower buds

If I grow something, I would rather grow something that I can eat.

But the reason why I have this snake plant is that about 10 years ago,

my next door neighbor’s aunty passed away,

My husband and I helped move stuff for her.

I declined the offer of having these snake plants first but she persuaded me telling me that I don’t have to do much with this plant, and don't even need much light either.

I placed this plant in my kitchen.

But a few years later, because of there was no sun, or I gave too much water,

It started to look kind of dying. So, I moved it to the living room by the window.

Then it started to recover and multiplied.

And showing me this pretty flower for the very first time.

When I looked it up, this is a rare occurrence.

It is still a bit chilly where I live, but this flower made me feel a bit warm.

Love and Peace



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