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How do you deal with your emotions?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

There have been a few things that have happened since the beginning of 2024 that made me feel disappointed.

We tend to go down in the spiral of blaming ourselves, or start to think about similar events that happened in the past when we feel negative emotions.

Please refer to this blog that I wrote before.

Because I have learned how to look within myself and have been facing my emotions for years, I thought I could deal with my negative emotions better now than before.

But I think I might be delusional to think that way.

Firstly, although I was disappointed, the negative emotions did not hold me back.

The second one hit me to the core.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling so much damage that I wasn't even sure what to think.

The emotions that we feel, we can not cancel them nor make it as if it didn't happen.

Because I couldn’t pinpoint the emotion exactly what I was feeling, I decided to feel the feeling for a whole day.

But I got tired of thinking and feeling this way, so I asked my oracle cards.

They told me what I was feeling, and adding more, my guides even helped to cheer me up.

Emotions are a very strange thing,

When you truly understand your emotion,

(why I was feeling that feeling)

There is no need to feel that emotion anymore.

After I figured this out about my emotion,

I went to my living room and I found them like this.

Black and Tabby kitty on top of the kitty tower

I have no clue how two big male kitties managed to stay on the top of the kitty tower,

But they made me smile.

I’m sure they are cheering me up too.

How do you deal with your emotions?

Love and Peace



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