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Dream of looking for shoes.

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

This morning, I was dreaming about looking for shoes.

All kinds of shoes

When I look in the meaning for this dream,

It says,

“Looking for shoes in your dream implies that you are searching for a potential romantic partner who shares the same values and interests. Suppose you can't find the shoes. In that case, this implies that you are looking for yourself. You may have lost your identity due to some circumstances.”

We wear shoes to walk, therefore, the dream of looking for shoes is searching for the path, looking for yourself.

I was really surprised to know this.

Recently, I found some people who speak about out of body experiences.

And they were talking about the other side, our soul etc.

It was different than what I thought it would be.

I felt my belief system crumble down a bit.

For example, when we die our loved ones, people who we used to know show up to greet us.

You may have heard of this before.

They do look familiar but according to OBE they are beings that allure us for re-incarnation.

My character is not gullible. I am more of a skeptic.

Unless I experienced it myself, there is no proof so it’s hard to take it in, but I try to be open minded.

However this or other side is constructed, the most important thing right now is to live this life fully.

It was very interesting to know the meaning of my dream.

It looks completely unrelated but it has a deep connection.

It is a message from my subconscious mind.

Have you dreamt recently?

Love and peace



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