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Woodpecker and Chipmunk Showdown

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

The weather was wonderful the other day, so I relaxed in the garden while doing some weeding.

While some places in Japan might have already bid farewell to the cherry blossom season, where I live, the temperature has finally reached around 20 degrees Celsius during the day, albeit sometimes just barely, and in the morning, it can still drop to zero degrees. So, we can only enjoy spring for a short while around midday.

As I sat idly in the backyard, a woodpecker flew to this tree

fir tree

I thought I heard a tapping sound, and then a showdown began between the woodpecker and the chipmunk living there.



The chipmunk made a sound like "pyu" or "pikii" when it threatened, and the tapping of the woodpecker and the chipmunk's sounds alternated for a while. The woodpecker wasn't giving up either, skillfully maneuvering around the chipmunk, circling the tree and tapping. However, with each tap, the chipmunk managed to catch up, and it seems the victory belonged to the chipmunk in the end.

By the way, the cherry blossom tree in front is about 70% bloomed.

cherry tree in front yard

The apple tree in the backyard. It seems the buds have finally sprouted.

apple tree in backyard

The cherry blossom tree in the backyard had started to bloom in some parts only. Perhaps it's because those parts receive the most sunlight.

cherry tree in backyard

The pear tree has just begun to bud.

pare tree in backyard


Cocoa enjoying climbing.

He's climbing the cherry blossom tree.

Black cat Cocoa climbing cherry tree

And Pixie watching Cocoa.

cat with fluffy tale Pixie

Love and Peace,



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