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Archangel ? Uriel  No.2

Continued from last week.

Since I learned animal communication, I’ve had so many opportunities to get readings from my classmates about Uriel.

But no matter how many different people read Uriel, they said similar things like,

Uriel’s soul is connected to the Universe…

Her soul is some kind of Deity…

Her head is like a sky…

First I thought they must be joking.

But hearing similar things over and over, I started to take this seriously.

When I connect with her, her energy is Magenta like pink in center and translucent turquoise is surrounding the pink and I feel very light energy from her.

She is also helping my animal communication skills, I feel that she is strengthening the connection when I receive the information.

When I realized all these things, my perspective changed naturally, I think I changed how to deal with her.

Then, I found that Uriel’s behavior started to change.

When I call her name, she looks at me and comes to me.

And surprisingly, she started to meow at me to greet me first thing in the morning.

She knows her food is in the fridge, so, she used to nudge her head on the fridge to leave her scent but she never did this to me.

Every time, I witnessed this act, I used to say “no matter how many times you do this to the fridge, it can’t get you food.”

But one day, suddenly, she nudged her head on ME!! She has never done this before.

One time, one of my classmates told me to go to the basement with Uriel then I will find out something. So, when I go to sleep, I imagined going down the stairs with Uriel for a few days.

I sleep with my black kitty (Fluffy ) every day, then one day, Uriel came in between me and Fluffy, there was only a tiny space between us, she was purring and wanting to be bathed from Fluffy. 2/3 of Uriel’s body was on my body. She never stayed next to me. I thought if I move even a just little bit, she would go away so I tried to stay still as long as possible. This was shocking but made me happy.

Recently I’ve come to understand that Uriel is here to help me to have confidence too. She was showing me as a model to have confidence. Two out of three cats are helping me with the same theme, how much more help do I really need about my confidence.

It’s a baby step but I know for sure I am going forward.

So, just like this, once you experience animal communication, as you grow, you will see the changes in your animal too.

There are many animal communicators out there other than me, so try that out. You’ll discover something beyond your imagination.

Merry Christmas

Love and Peace


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