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Doggy's change of mind.

Hubby's friend moved to this town where I live about two years ago.

I know that Christmas is a family thing in this country, and hubby sees them all the time, but he heard that nobody will visit them this year.

So, to be their company, my husband and I went to visit them.

I was astonished what I had experienced,

and I want you to see the different perspective.

Now, there are two little dogs that live in this house.

When I visited this house before, one of the dogs was barking continually, also he kept nipping all around my legs. Because of this pain and this non-stop barking, the human put this dog in the basement in the end.

Because of this, I was dreading to go to this house.

I felt sorry for this dog, kept in the basement because of me,

but I don't want to be rude not showing up for the Christmas.

When I got there, the dog was already in the basement.

He heard my voice so he was barking from there.

Then my husband felt sorry for this dog, so he let the dog out.

As soon as he opened the basement door,

this dog flew out and came up where I was.

I didn't want to get nipped so I folded my legs on the chair

and completely ignored this dog.

He was barking at me for a while.

Later, he started to calm down.

But when I moved, he barks so I kept my movements slow.

When I let my legs down, he was sniffing,

I thought he might nip me but he didn't, I was safe.

Then suddenly, he jumped on my lap and stayed there.

I couldn't believe my eyes!!

I thought he was after the food on the table

but he was just sitting on my lap comfortably.

Is this the same dog?

This dog was intently watching his human from my lap

and it almost felt like his love leaked out of his small body.

I started to feel his deep, almost overwhelming love for his human.

I didn't read this dog or the human.

But this feeling of love was too much to keep it to myself,

so I told his human. He just said, " I know."

Because I wasn't asked to do a reading,

or I don't know how much he was open to this kind of idea,

so I didn't tell him the reason why this dog is showing so much love.

When I was just bathing in the love from this dog to his human,

he started to talk to me.

【My human, he doesn't think he is lovable.

Showing my love would help him to know how lovable he is.】

I am always moved by the animal, how they deeply touch the soul.

Happy New Year!!

Love and Peace


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