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Creating yourself

A Happy New Year!! Everybody.

This is my first blog for 2018.

I have to confess.

For all my life, I’ve never thought of making a New Year's resolution.

I know I will forget about them after 3 days, so I really didn't see the point of doing it.

One of my colleagues held a webinar. The title is New Year Visioning.

When I saw this topic, I wasn't interested.

After I watched her webinar, and I can tell it worked for her, but still,

I thought it's nothing to do with me.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to talk to 3 people

at different times, and each of them asked me what is my New Years resolution is.

Then, a thought popped up in my mind, the same thing came up 4 times in a row, this must be a sign. The old me would never agree to this, but nothing could start without "the intention".

I figured writing this means declaring to the Universe, so, I can look back a year later. So, I wrote my New Year's resolution.

This is what I actually wrote in the paper.

***5 or more clients to read in a week.

***Lose 10 pounds or so.

I thought about it quite long time, but nothing else comes to me. Also,

I had no emotion towards them. I don't think this would reach the Universe.

So, I watched that webinar again, and read other people's New Year's resolutions for reference, and I copied it if I really liked it.

This is how I create myself for this year !! ( for real )

  1. I am grateful to read 5 or more clients per week and happy to be in service for both the animal and humans.

  2. I am grateful and happy to lose 10 pounds or more so that I can move more easily and freely.

  3. I am grateful and happy to have more confidence.

  4. I am grateful and happy to speak and write better English.

  5. I am grateful and happy to hone in on my intuition and realizing when I'm using my intuition in everyday life.

  6. I am grateful and happy that I can communicate easily and freely with animals.

  7. I am grateful and happy that my intuition, my energy, my confidence, and self-esteem are stronger every day.

  8. I am grateful and happy that Universe has my back.

According to the webinar, it is important to "feel" these visions. I asked her what can I do when I have a hard time connecting the mind and the heart? She suggested that think about something that you enjoy or love, then try feeling your vision.

I'm going to watch a cat video, then feel my vision.

How do you create yourself for 2018?

Love and Peace


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