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The power of intention

Hi. Everybody.

If you would have read my blog last week,

you would know that I made a list of how to create myself.

Since then, a new client came to me.

Before I wrote anything down, I asked my angel to bring more clients.

But every time I asked, they said, " I'm working on it."

Though I heard their replies, nothing was happening.

So, I think if you write them down, the result will show up quicker.

I surprised myself.

This is what I did.

When I go to bed, I looked at my lovely Fluffy who sleeps in my arm, this makes me very happy, then I imagined to be happy to serve these loving animals and their humans.

Now, I would like to talk about the trap of intention.

I learned a new way of using my intuition in the class.

But I couldn't do it as I hoped.

There was a strong intention to make this work,

but harder I tried, the more stuck I was.

When the intention becomes an obsession,

it stops the flow and will get stuck.

I tend to think things have to be certain way,

I am a typical type of person who falls into this trap.

How to get out of this trap?

You gotta have to go back a few steps and breath.

The information comes through naturally,

no matter how much I insisted to get more information,

it doesn't work that way.

I was doing exactly this without noticing it.

No wonder I was stuck.

After the intention, I need to chill out a little,

let go, and allow the information to come.

It's easier said than done, but we are the Creator.

It's no way that we can not do it.

What is your intention?

Love and Peace


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