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How do you use intuition in everyday life?

Hi. Everybody.

When you hear the word “intuition”,

do you think people who have or use this power are special?

I think every single one of us who has this intuition and is using it in everyday life, and it would work like a muscle.

When you exercise, your muscles will get stronger and you can hold heavy stuff or you will be able to run or walk a long distance.

Contrary, when you don't exercise you lose your muscle and you won't be able to walk. Just like this, the more you use your intuition, you will get better at it.

I'm using animal communication as a tool,

but I was practicing this intuition for a couple of years.

Recently, I started to realize that I was using this intuition without my intention.

For example, when I go shopping, I always have my list of things to buy, while I'm choosing this stuff from the list, other stuff which is not in my list starts to pop up in my mind.

At that time, I couldn't find this stuff that popped up in my head in the store, and I didn't think it was necessary to get that stuff anyway,

so I just came home without buying that stuff. Then the very next day,

that stuff that popped up in my head broke,

and I really needed it in the end.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she uses her intuition this way.

She needed to go to the hospital but she knew if she leaves now it will be really busy, so she uses her intuition to see what time would be less waiting time. Then she picks the first number that comes up.

When you are driving, you feel like you don't want to use the same path that you were using, then choose the different route. If you had been choosing the same road, you would end up in the big traffic for whatever the reason. You may experience these kinds of things before.

This intuition, everybody has it and is using it in everyday life.

Now, how do you strengthen this intuition?

It is the practice, and the key is what pops up.

For example, when the phone rings, before you look at who's calling,

just guess who is calling.

Or, when you are walking on the street when you turn the corner,

guess what colour of the vehicle would be there.

I'm sure you can come up with all sorts of things to practice.

When you strengthen your intuition,

I think everything would be smooth sailing.

How do you use your intuition in everyday life?

Love and Peace


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