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Your weekly card reading Feb.11-17.2018

Hi. Everybody.

For a change, I read your cards for next week.

Using your intuition, please choose one from below.



Rose Quartz



Amethyst people

38-Face your adversaries

19-Be decisive

This week for amethyst people, There will be things that will come up to face your adversaries.

You may feel passive toward people or circumstances or a situation that may offend you, or something that made you upset but you keep ignoring that feeling, or you may feel anxious

whether to say it out loud or you keep quiet because you don't want conflict. The key to getting through this is that without being emotional, talk it over with a trusted confidant, listen to your heart and decide what you really want with discernment.

Rose Quartz people

25-Do what you love

10-Claim your art

Rose Quartz people for this week is to do what you love.

Do you know what you really want? It's time for you to prepare to love your life once again. Your soul is helping you to realize what you desire. Listen to your heart. If you enjoy cooking, prepare your favorite meal, If you have a passion for painting, spend some time at the canvas. The key to finding out what you really want is to ask yourself what is the thing that only you can do? and express yourself freely without self-judgment. If your soul can speak, what does your soul would tell you?

Malachite people

1-Wake-up call

37-Correct your mistakes

Malachite people for this week, it's time to wake up. As your soul begins to stir, it creates an inner restlessness. Ask yourself how satisfied you feel so far. Look at not only what's there, but also what's missing. What inner signals from your soul have you been ignoring? Reconnect with your authentic self and welcome any psychic disturbance you're feeling. What help to know your wake-up call is that you need to stop regretting watching the movie of your past mistakes over and over in your mind, put your pride and defense on the side and admit your errors and seek to correct them to the best of your ability. Then learn from your experience and let it go.

Selenite people

16-Tune out distractions

21-Love your spirit

Selenite people's head is filled with the voices, choices, and opinions of others. This week, pay attention and recognize the voice of your Higher Self. It's subtle and consistent and tunes you in to direct communication with your soul. Only this inner guidance can lead you to what is true for you. To listen to this voice you need to discipline yourself to block out the external world. You must refuse to allow your life to be run by others. Be selective about what you take in from outside yourself. The key to listening to the voice of your Higher-self is to fully embrace and love your Divine spirit with the same acceptance and appreciation that your Higher Self has for you. As you love your spirit, the relationship with others improves too. Ease up on self-judgment and adore your spirit completely, even with all your imperfections.

I hope this helps you.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Peace


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