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Waiting Game with Tara

Hi. Everybody.

Do you remember the blog I wrote about Tara a couple weeks ago?

Tara's turmoil ← you can read it from here.

My husband and I took her to the vet, it turned out that her teeth are OK. So I started to treat her with tartar stuff that you add their water.

She did drink that water in the beginning and eat dry food a bit more, but it was obvious that she doesn't like the water.

I didn't think it through from the beginning.

When I added the stuff in the water very first time, I did it while they were watching me. So, they knew there is something in the water.

I live with three kitties, and I want the other kitties to have teeth without tartar, so I added this stuff in all of their water.


Black kitty Fluffy started to yowl ( as if she is screaming out from Hell) in front of the water dish with complaining that “I DON'T LIKE THIS WATER!!”

Another time, I found Fluffy in the kitchen where a pile of dirty dishes around. She is 16 years old, she is not athletic anymore, I don't know how she got there, and I've never seen her there before. She must have been wanting to drink pure water. She was looking for it.

And Today,

When I passed the living room, I heard a weird noise.

It sounded like water dripping or something.

I looked around the room and focused on that noise.

I discovered Tara on the wood stove.

I wondered what she was doing for a second.

Then I realized that she was drinking water out from the old pot on the stove.

It was my mistake.

I underestimated how far she would go.

I didn't know she refused to drink that water that much.

I was wrong to add the stuff in all the water while they were watching me. It all started from there.

But if I don't add this stuff, her tartar wouldn't go away.

I have to think a better strategy for the waiting game with Tara.

My third daughter Uriel, who doesn't know anything, she drinks this water as usual. She gives me the cold shoulder but she looks so lovable to me.

Love and Peace


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