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Soul Contract

Hi. Everyone.

I'm finally starting next week as a teaching assistant.

I'm very nervous.

I thought there would be three of us but I found out there are only two of us.

I feel even more pressure.

What is a soul contract? It is the contract your soul and your animal soul decide before you are born in this lifetime. Your soul decided where you want to work on in this lifetime and the animal soul agreed to help you with that.

The soul contract that I decided to learn in this life with my animals is " Speak Up."

I don't like the spotlight on myself, I prefer hiding.

That's why my animals help me to have confidence,

so that I can speak up.

Now, my soul contract, it came from my past life.

I was told this before, about my past life.

I was a man who lived in the forest in the tropics.

One night, when I was walking in the forest, I witnessed something that I shouldn't have.

There were foreigners who are businessmen talking about land development where I lived.

They were planning to cut all the trees, this would destroy my village.

I run away so fast and left that place, but I wouldn't tell anybody about this even when came back to the village.


Because I was not supposed to go there. I was in a restricted area. I was trespassing.

If I told about what I saw, people would know I was there.

A few days later, the land development started and all the trees are cut down, and the village was destroyed.

I blamed myself. Because I didn't say anything, it was my fault.