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The best cat food

Hi. Everyone.

My colleague and teacher are doing a mini-class for this month about the relationship between food and intuition.

People with the allergies know better about this.

But I never even think about the food that effects my mood. I'm going to look in to it now.

The only thing that I can say about this topic is that since I started to learn Animal Communications, I quit drinking coffee.

I was drinking coffee every day. I used to drink espresso before going to work in my 20's. I loved dark coffee. I couldn't wake up in the morning without my coffee, but I quit drinking it when I heard the coffee effects my intuition.

Then instead of coffee, I started to drink hot water with sliced lemon. I thought I would still have the cravings but lemon water is still working for me. The difference that I can think of is that when I wake up my mind is clear.

But if quitting anything brings out stress in you, it doesn't work so please be kind to yourself.

Meanwhile, I received an e-mail from Jericka from

She researched more than 2400 dry and wet cat food brands with the help of a veterinarian. Finally, she came to the conclusion of the best cat food.

Please check this out.

The Best Dry Cat Food Brands

  1. Acana Regionals

  2. Farmina N&D: Ancestral Grain

  3. Farmina N&D: Grain-Free

  4. Holistic Health Extension

  5. Merrick: Before Grain

  6. Orijen

  7. Tiki Cat

The Best Wet Cat Food Brands

  1. Best Feline Friend: Oh My Gravy

  2. Canada Fresh

  3. Evanger’s: Signature Series

  4. Holistic Health Extension

  5. K9 Feline Natural

  6. Lotus: Just Juicy

  7. Nutriswca: Truly Flaked

  8. Nutrisca: Truly Shredded

  9. Petite Cuisine

  10. Tiki Cat

  11. Wholehearted: Grain-Free Flaked in Gravy

  12. Wholehearted: Grain-Free Flaked in Broth

  13. Ziwi Peak

This research company is based in the U.S. So, you can find them at

I hope all the local stores which supply pet food carries them so that we can easily choose from the variety of the kitty food.

There would be a whole bunch of things to consider like, cat's age, taste preferences, price, etc.

I thought that people should know about this information as a reference.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Love and Peace


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