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Robin’s conflict and the Big News

The big news that I mentioned last week, it was postponed.

For a second, I thought it would never happen, but from the sounds of it, this will become a reality, so I'm going to announce this to everybody. To tell you the truth, this is so big for me that I can't stay quiet anymore.

I'm sure, some people know him already.

He is very famous for "Echan-Juku" (Echan-clam school, he lectures-all in Japanese) in Japan, Echan Deravy (John Craig), he contacted me to be on his new show and talk about my experiences with animal communication.

We video-called the other day, it was like pre-interview.

His timing was impeccable!!

I was video-calling with my friend that day, we talked for about an hour. Right after we said goodbye and hung up, he contacted me.

Because it was a video-calling, the lights were ok, my hair was so-so ok, and my black cat Fluffy insisted to come on to my lap, so we sat up on the cushion with the blankie just for her, I made sure she was comfy, while I was talking to my friend.

I ended up talking with John, so everything (The lights, my hair, even Fluffy.) was ready. Adding more, because Fluffy was there, I didn't get nervous at all. Fluffy is a psychic kitty so she must have known that I needed her to help me.

I'm still not sure when this interview will take place, I will let you know when I know more.

Meanwhile, spring has arrived where I live. It's getting warmer every day.

My day starts with feeding the birds.

Because where I live, we are surrounded by the mountains, so there are all sorts of birds different size and colour, depending on the season, they visit my house.

The Robin is the messenger of spring in this country.

There is a water bath for the birds, the Robin was bathing in there comfortably.

Then a Starling flew by.

This Starling, their character is very obnoxious, and they love bathing. When the weather gets a bit warmer, 10 or so Starlings bath at once. They splash water all over, which bothers the other birds who are trying to eat. In the end, the water dish is empty. The other birds don't like them much.

Going back to this story, when the Robin was bathing, one Starling joined in the water and started to bath with the Robin.

Can you guess what the Robin did next?

Ether the Robin wanted to hog the bird bath or she knew how the Starling is, so she didn't like that other birds bathing at the same time as her, so the Robin stopped flapping her wings and she stared at the Starling and opened her beak, giving Starling a look. It was hilarious to see that face. She was obviously intimidating the Starling.

How did the Starling react?

Of-course Starling don't care.

When I witnessed this, I laughed out loud.

The Robin realized that it wouldn’t work. She still tried to bath, flapping her wings even bigger, but she couldn't win, so she left shortly after.

Have you ever thought what the wild birds are thinking about?

Love and Peace


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