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Are you speaking your mind?

Hi. Everyone.

This is more about last week's blog.

After the interview, I started to think that he didn't ask me about my website,

Nor did I mention it myself.

I didn't say I was a teaching assistant in the class.

I didn't mention I'm the only Japanese/Canadian person as a certified practitioner.

He asked me what’s a memorable episode, and I couldn't come up with any.

Think about it now, there was a chance that I could mention something but I didn't.

I started to think why I am this way.

I told this to my friend.

She suggested me to send him an e-mail to tell him what's on my mind.

I thought that's a good idea, but writing my site address on his site would send his clients to the external site, so he won't do this kind of things, but I send him an e-mail anyway.

I told my friend what I thought, then she said, that's for him to decide, not you.

You may have experienced a similar thing before.

Without telling what's on your mind,

thinking that if I say this, he or she would think this way so I couldn't say,

Or, if I say this, he or she would take it that way and do A or B or C... so I wouldn't say.

In reality, until you tell them what's on your mind,

you wouldn't know how the other person would think what do.

I was just like this until my friend told me.

I didn't tell what was on my mind, and I decided what other people would do, and I was stressed.

Whatever the outcome is, I told him what's on my mind, so I don't have any regrets.

Adding more to this, my colleague told me that how great

the interview made other people aware of animal communication.

Now, I think about the interview, I tried my best, and I’m happy that I inspired some people or, made them aware of animal communication for people who have never heard about it.

John just uploaded the interview on his site.

Since I sent that e-mail, he wrote how to find me on google, everything I told him was there.

If I didn’t tell him what’s on my mind, the outcome wouldn’t be like this.

Here is the link. If you have time, please check this out.

It’s podcast, so it is audio only. He wrote the contents in English but audio is all in Japanese.

Are you communicating what's on your mind?

Love and Peace


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