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Are you speaking your mind?

Hi. Everyone.

This is more about last week's blog.

After the interview, I started to think that he didn't ask me about my website,

Nor did I mention it myself.

I didn't say I was a teaching assistant in the class.

I didn't mention I'm the only Japanese/Canadian person as a certified practitioner.

He asked me what’s a memorable episode, and I couldn't come up with any.

Think about it now, there was a chance that I could mention something but I didn't.

I started to think why I am this way.

I told this to my friend.

She suggested me to send him an e-mail to tell him what's on my mind.

I thought that's a good idea, but writing my site address on his site would send his clients to the external site, so he won't do this kind of things, but I send him an e-mail anyway.

I told my friend what I thought, then she said, that's for him to decide, not you.

You may have experienced a similar thing before.

Without telling what's on your mind,

thinking that if I say this, he or she would think this way so I couldn't say,

Or, if I say this, he or she would take it that way and do A or B or C... so I wouldn't say.

In reality, until you tell them what's on your mind,

you wouldn't know how the other person would think what do.

I was just like this until my friend told me.

I didn't tell what was on my mind, and I decided what other people would do, and I was stressed.

Whatever the outcome is, I told him what's on my mind, so I don't have any regrets.

Adding more to this, my colleague told me that how great

the interview made other people aware of animal communication.

Now, I think about the interview, I tried my best, and I’m happy that I inspired some people or, made them aware of animal communication for people who have never heard about it.

John just uploaded the interview on his site.

Since I sent that e-mail, he wrote how to find me on google, everything I told him was there.

If I didn’t tell him what’s on my mind, the outcome wouldn’t be like this.

Here is the link. If you have time, please check this out.

John Craig (Echan Deravy) - Real Rover

It’s podcast, so it is audio only. He wrote the contents in English but audio is all in Japanese.