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What do you think of your self-worth?

Hi. Everyone.

Last week an incident happened and made me think of myself as being really really small.

It was a shocking discovery how low my self-worth is more than the incident, and I realized that self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect are all connected to have confidence.

I asked my colleagues how to work on this. She told me to ask yourself what you love about yourself. I tried that. After two hours I squeezed out only a few. It was very hard.

I asked other friends the same question.

She said just accept who you are.

You may think you are imperfect, but you are perfect just the way you are.

Then she said to think about your cats.

Just their existence.

They are so respected.

They are worthy of your love.

They don't have to do anything.

Just being there means so much to you.

Think about it in the same way.

I thought I have to be successful to have high self-worth, but it wasn't.

Because I was focused on this subject,

The Universe helped me to find these.

I think they are both very easy to understand.

Anita Moorjani

Patricia J Crane

This one has 12 separate YouTube video.

Each subject are,

  1. Stop all criticism

  2. Power of forgiveness

  3. Don't scare yourself

  4. Mirror work

  5. Be gentle and kind and patient to yourself

  6. Be kind to your mind

  7. Praise yourself

  8. Support yourself

  9. Be loving to your negatives

  10. Take care of your body

  11. Have fun

  12. Love yourself now

What do you think of your self-worth?

Love and Peace


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