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A holistic cat food recipe book

Hi. Everyone.

Living with senior cats, and finding out my Fluffy is in an early stage of Kidney disease, I'm trying to change their diet.

I have only given them wet and dry food for their entire life so far.

Since I learned that probably that's the cause of my kitty's kidney disease, I had to do something. I needed to implement the change in their diet.

But I had no clue what to feed them, nor what is bad for them.

There are lots of recipe books for humans, but I couldn't find any recipe book for the cats until now.

So, I'm going to introduce a cat recipe book.

Dr. Ihor Basko, DVM

Holistic Vet who lives in Hawaii.

I was looking for a book just like this!!

$19.95 US

Feeding Cats: A Holistic Approach

For dog $39.00 – $49.95

Fresh food & ancient wisdom

Because the Dr. Ihor Basko lives in Hawaii, some recipe calls for Hawaiian fish, but you can learn the basics for what I can and can't give.

There are recipes for kidney disease and some snacks they can eat.

I will give it a try for sure.

Please use it for your information.

If I change their food completely, they probably won't eat, so I'm going to let them get used to it little by little.

Love and Peace


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