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Basking in the sun and Milk Thistle

Hi. Everyone.

It was such a beautiful day, so my kitties and I went basking in the sun in the yard. It had been too cold or too hot recently, so it's been a while to have a day like this.

Fluffy looks so comfy.

Going outside in this season, I think flea prevention is necessary. I live with three cats, so I have to give them flea drops.

Recently I found out that one of my kitties is in the early stage of kidney disease. Since I keep an eye out for new information, I heard that there is a hospital operating Kidney transplants for cats in the States.

Donor cats are from SPCA. After the operation, donor cats are guaranteed to have a home.

So, both the cat which needs a healthy kidney and cats in SPCA will be able to live, a win-win situation.

When I heard this, I thought human and animals are the same.

Going back to the beginning,

I live with three cats, and two of them are senior cats.

When I give my cats flea drops, their liver has to work harder to get rid of the medication. I thought senior cats need all the help they can get.

Then I found this.

Milk Thistle

  1. Helps maintain liver health in cats

  2. Health support during use of drugs (like chemotherapy)

  3. Helps support regeneration of damaged liver cells

I'm not working for this company nor getting any kickbacks, but I want my kitties to live healthy as long as possible.

So I would like to share this information with you.

Please use this information as a reference.

Love and Peace


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