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What is your beloved pet teaching you?

Hi. Everyone.

At the school of animal communication, there was a webinar of practicing with each other, and luckily I was chosen as a readee.

Every time I have a webinar to participate, Fluffy comes to me and sits on my lap and we join the class together.

This time, because Fluffy was with me and I was chosen to be read.

First, they read my personality.

I thought the reader was kind of talking about me.

But the teacher and my colleague were laughing out loud because they knew me better than I am.

Another words, everything the reader said was spot on.

Then she went to Fluffy’s personality.

Fluffy is mirroring me, everything she said was right on.

I DO have a strong connection with Fluffy.

Just listening to what the reader said, I couldn't stop smiling.

My question to ask Fluffy was about her food.

Since I learned that she is an early stage of kidney disease, I changed her diet, so I wanted to know if she likes it or not.

Then the reader told me about the video that she saw.

It's about a butcher in Turkey, feeding meat to the stray cat.

I've seen that video on the Facebook several times, so I knew exactly what she was talking about.

From this video, I can tell, Fluffy is wanting the food and enjoying it.

Then the reader asked what is Fluffy teaching me?

Her kidney started to function poorly to make me think her diet for the healthier way, but what she is teaching me is to take care of myself.

I didn't see this coming.

and what she is teaching me is so true, because I don't really take care of my self. I'm alone on the weekdays, so I eat easy stuff.

I look back and remember what I've been eating in this past week, my diet was horrifying. I was eating whatever I want.

After the reading, all I can hope is that my teacher and the person who read me didn't see what I've been eating for the past week.

Such an embarrassment.

I have to take better care of myself.

The new year's resolution that I decided on the beginning of this year, is exercising for 30 min a day.

I used to do it every day but recently I’ve been lucky if I do it once a week.

Fluffy knows me better.

Her message is hitting home.

I have to see my lifestyle from a different perspective.

What is your beloved pet teaching you?

Love and Peace


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