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Stand up for yourself

Hi. Everyone.

It has been really hot for a past week, but today was barely 20 C (70 F).

I think this year is kind of extreme weather-wise.

When it's nice out, I go to the backyard with my kitties.

I let the kitties out, thinking I'm going to be there in a minute but I went back to do something in the kitchen, all of the sudden I heard a big and long MEOW. It was Fluffy's voice. So, I went to the back door, through the screen door,

I witnessed

Fluffy in the middle of the yard,

in front of her, there was a big male stray cat,

When I got to the screen door, I was screaming Fluffy's name really loud, so that the stray cat heard/saw me.

He showed some attitude but left quietly.

This is what happened.

Fluffy saw the stray cat, and dashed to him,

telling him that "this is my place!!"

The stray cat knew Fluffy's existence, so he just let her know that he knows who she is and let her have the victory,

saying that " Oh, you again, whatever"

I can see him intuitively, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.

Tara and Uriel who also was there stayed by the door far from where Fluffy was.

Fluffy is 16 years old. I think she can't hear much, but she can still see. No matter how far the stray is, she runs like a black panther and shows them that this is her place. I guess she is acting as a leader.

Tara, one year younger than Fluffy, I don't think she can see well, so she doesn't charge toward strays like Fluffy.

Uriel, the youngest, she acts really big when she is inside of the house, but outside, she turns to a baby. This time, she was hiding behind something and peaking and watching Fluffy with one eye.

I was worried if Fluffy got hurt, but this time the stray was a male and he knew that female cats rule.

They say, there is a meaning behind everything.

From this incident,

I thought Fluffy is showing me

How to stand up for yourself.

I'm having difficulty around this area,

this is another thing that she is teaching me.

What is your pet teaching you?

Love and Peace


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