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Hi. Everyone.

It's been chilly for the past week where I live.

I can't believe it is the end of June.

My teacher, Danielle Mckinnon, held a class about Clairvoyance.

What is clairvoyance?

It is one of the psychic abilities that we possess, and the way to get the information is to see.

Some people can see as if watching the movie but doesn't mean this is the only way.

Clairvoyance, such a big word, but if I ask you to imagine a purple apple, you can imagine a purple apple in your mind quite easily.

In my session with my client, I receive some of the information through clairvoyance, sometimes I can see it clearly, but most of the times, all I see is a blackish shadow, I see this shadow in the shape of a human (client) doing something.

When I started to learn animal communication, I asked my teacher a few times, when does this shadowy figure becomes clear?

This shadowy thing, or as if there is a veil covering my vision,

it took me a long time to understand that this is my way of seeing.

I was one of the people, who thought I should be able to see it like a movie.

We are all different. Our characteristics are also different, therefore, how each person sees it is different.

My way of seeing (shadowy figure) is not the only way.

It's just how I see it.

I also see colours and tell client's character.

There are people who can see the words or numbers.

There are people who say they can't see anything, but don't worry.

For those people, they have a stronger sense in another way of getting information, like feeling.

It's not like this one is better than the other.

Some people are good at math, and some people are good at history, it's just like that.

How are you able to see?

Love and Peace


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