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A message from a beloved pet in Heaven

Hi. Everyone.

I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator.

If you have something that you would like to ask an animal communicator, please let me know.

You can send me an e-mail.

If these questions apply to a lot of people, I will try to answer them on my blog.

I have this question that my reader asked.

How's my dog or cat doing in heaven?

When I asked this question to the animals on the other side,

They showed me that they were having fun in nature, playing and relaxing.

One of my clients asked me this,

my dog "A" who is in heaven has ever met my cat "B."

I asked that question to A, and he says that I saw B, but I'm not hanging out with B all the time. So, I told this to my clients. My clients knew the answer already because when they were alive, they were together when they feel like it but they were not hanging around all the time.

Even though they lose their body, the character doesn't change so they might be doing a similar thing over there.

Oh, and the animal who crossed over by sickness or accident, when they go to the other side, they will be a perfect form again, so you don't need to worry about that.

You may have experienced this, just before you wake up, or just before you go to sleep. You know that in-between state. You are not really awake or sleeping.

Have you felt your kitty around your leg on the bed where your beloved kitty in heaven used to sleep? or you heard the bark of your beloved dog. I'm sure quite a lot of people have experienced this.

This is called "visitation." They came to see how you are doing, so please don't think that you made it up.

Because we are only human, sometimes we miss them, wanting to be with them.

If and when you feel this way, ask your beloved pet that you are missing them and want to see them again.

You can just say out loud or write in your journal.

a few days later, you may see them on TV or ad by chance, or somebody was talking about the same breed. They will send you a message somehow.

If you lost your beloved pet recently, our human emotion is still attached to your pet strongly, when you are in this state of mind, it might be difficult to receive messages. Your beloved pet is sending you a message but we, the human are not ready to receive them. So, I think it's easier to receive messages after a certain period of time.

I was missing my beloved kitty, Sunney, the very next day I ended up having dinner with my acquaintance, and this person was wearing a T-shirt with Sunney's picture. Sunney was tortie so you know how the colour and patterns are different, but that picture was exactly the same as my Sunney.

She was telling me that she heard me, and she is around.

I wrote similar contents before. You can check this out from here.

Have you experienced visitation?

Love and Peace


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