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Forever Pet

Hi. Everyone.

I found this video on Facebook.

This is a talk on TED by Rodney Habib, it’s called "Forever Dog"

It's about "How To Build The Oldest Pet In The World."

The oldest dog on record was 30. The oldest cat was 38.

This is how long dogs & cats are capable of living!

The UK Kennel Club had Pedigree breed health survey in 2004.

The average dog age was 11.3 years old.

2014 they did the same survey and the average dog age was 10 years old.

10 years later, the dog life shortens 1 year.

What about cats?

State of pet health on 2013 report, based on 400,000 databases, found the average lifespan of a cat is 12 years old.

Some people would think this is the way it is.

But for people like me, that want the pet to live as long as they can,

there is something that we can do about it.

According to the top scientists in the world, this information will slow down the aging process and will increase longevity.

Here is the longevity checklist.

1. Stress resistance

2. Caloric restriction

3. Insulin signaling

4. Repair damage

5. Environmental factors

I was quite surprised by the stress resistance.

If you are an animal communicator, you know that the animal can read the energy.

The researchers found out that if the human had a fight with somebody earlier, the dog can sniff out the stress that a human had, and they can adopt the emotion that a human was feeling.

A team of scientists was conducting this study.

They collect sweats samples from people who watched happy movies and horror movies.

They put the pet owner on one side and a stranger on the other side in the small room.

They let the dog sniff the happy person's sweats,

immediately dog becomes happy and went to meet a stranger.

On the other hand, when the dog smelled the sweats of fear, it ran and hid behind the owner.

Some dogs would be so scared, they would press themselves against a wall and they would make no interaction with anybody.

What the scientist found was these dogs were not only smelling these emotions, but they were also adopting to those emotions.

If the owner is stressed out, the animal would be stressed out too.

So, try to get rid of this stress as much as you can.

Don't you want your beloved pet to live as long as possible?

Love and Peace


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