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Signs and Synchronicity

I participated in the webinar about the signs and synchronicity.

I hear this word a lot.

But what is “Synchronicity” anyway?

It is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related. A person sees them as a meaningful coincidence, although the events don’t have to be exactly simultaneous in time.

When you start to notice the signs and synchronicity,

it will boost your faith,

it helps you to guide you, and you know you are on the right path.

It's fun to find the signs, also it reminds you that you are never alone.

When I look back on my life timeline,

The year 2001 or 2, I saw Doreen Virtue on TV. She was doing angel readings. (I was born and raised in Japan, angels are myth there.) I wondered if angels existed. I just thought there was another world out there at that time.

2003, I moved to where I live now. ( I couldn't speak English that well, all my family and friends are in Japan, my husband was away on the weekdays, I was alone for days.) One day, I felt so lonely, I was crying in the dark closet for hours. Suddenly I felt this warm feeling. It almost felt like wrapped by a blanket. At that moment, I knew guides, my ancestors, and angels are all around me. Since this day, I never felt alone.

Then coincidentally, I found that Doreen Virtue will be coming to my province. I went to see her, and she picked me to read me from 300 other people in the audience.

Since I met Doreen, I read all sorts of books about angels. Then I learned that she was on Hayhouse radio, I started to listen to it. I also listened to mediums and all sorts of other people.

One day, this medium mentioned that he was interviewed at this summit. (by the person who held this webinar. ) I was listening to this show, then there she was, I found my teacher. She was also interviewed by the same person. My animal communication journey started from here. It was exactly what I was looking for.

And now here I am.

Coincidence? I never thought I would be an animal communicator. But I believe there is no coincidence.

I was lead to experience these synchronicities to be an animal communicator.

If you experienced something weird, more than twice, jot it down. Otherwise, you forget them. The most important thing is that don't dismiss them thinking that it's just a coincidence.

These synchronicities guided me and told me which path to take.

Please think back about it in your life.

If you connect the dots, people who you have met, things you learned, with your action, you meet other people.

Spirits give us signs and synchronicity to connect the dots to guide us, the way you can't even imagine.

Depends on you if you notice them, or not.

You may end up with a different choice.

What kind of synchronicity have you experienced?

Love and Peace


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