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What is the real reason behind the problematic animal behavior?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.

Have you ever wondered, why they do the things they do about your pet?

This question came up from a client.

She has a dog. This dog, when he doesn't have a collar on, he jumps over the fence and goes missing. He doesn't do this when he has a collar on.

My client was wondering why her dog would do this.

She was very concerned because it's very dangerous.

When I connected to this dog, I heard "FREEDOM."

I didn't hear this word with a serious tone of voice.

It was as if this dog was wearing sunglasses and skateboarding having so much fun.

I felt that he was enjoying this freedom from the bottom of his heart,

no collar, no fence, completely free from restriction.

I asked him why does he jump over the fence.

He just simply said that he is showing his human how much fun he is having from the bottom of his heart.

My client is always busy. Even though she is having fun with her friends, there is something else on her mind all of the time. She is not having fun completely.

Then she asked me to tell her dog to stop going over the fence.

When I told the dog what his human said,

he said he would think about stopping if his human can have fun completely.

Just like this, there is always a reason behind this problematic behavior. The animals are teaching a lesson to their human.

Even more, this dog knew the possibility of danger. He was sacrificing his body to teach his human this lesson.

I wrote about this a few weeks ago on my blog.

She was telling me to give her more attention, but there was another message.

She was telling me to pay attention to my body, take care of my self more. I just ate whatever I want, and I didn't care about my health what so ever.

We, humans, tend to think it's a problematic behavior when the animals do the things that we don't like. But if you look at it from the animal point of view, he or she is doing it for you to be aware and help you learn the lesson.

So, if you think it's a bad behavior before you scream at them, think about what they are teaching you.

The lesson you learned from your animal, you decided it before you were born into this life, and the animals are helping you to learn this lesson.

What is the animal teaching you?

Love and Peace


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