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Ask your crystals

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator.

I was reading somebody’s newsletter and I learned about the rock girl through this.

She is a psychic, and she knows everything about crystals.

She also uses crystals to do psychic readings.

I love crystals. I have a large collection of them.

But now that crystal fever is gone.

When I think back, crystals were helping me a lot at that time.

I came across another person's blog through the rock girl.

In her blog, it says, ask the name of your crystals.

When I was going through the rock girl's material, she said there is a crystal which helps your psychic ability.

As soon as I heard that, one of my crystals popped up in my mind.

And when I read about asking the name of the crystal, another crystal came up in my mind.

I mean, several years ago, one summer day, I went out with my husband on the motorcycle.

There is a crystal shop where we decided to stop.

So, before I left the house, I asked: "What crystals come to me Today?" Then I got an answer it said "Clear crystal quartz."

I was a bit surprised when I heard the answer, but I didn't care much and arrived at the place. When I went in to see crystals, I found exactly the same one that I heard at my house. It was shinning with a pure rainbow. I knew this was the one.

Going back to asking the name, I asked the name to my egg shape lapis lazuli. This one is helping me with my psychic ability. When I asked the name, it sounded a bit shy, but with the small voice, it said something blue. I couldn't hear it clearly so I asked again. Then I heard "sapphire blue."

I thought what a sassy name. Then it said call me "sass."

Later, I searched if there is such a colour as sapphire blue, and I found out there is, even more, it was the same colour with this crystal.

I asked other crystal for its name. This time, I saw a unicorn! I didn't know a unicorn is living in this crystal. I asked its name again, but all I see is a unicorn running around happily.

So, I decided to call her "Uni."

But I wonder what this crystal is helping me with. So I asked "Uni" about it.

Then it replied, "bring out the feeling of joy and excitement."

I had no idea that this crystal could do this for me. I was really surprised.

Before I go to sleep, I hold these crystals in my hand and asked them to help me while I sleep.

Then very next day, I had new clients for my reading.

How powerful these crystals are!!

When you know the name of your crystal, you feel closer to these beautiful crystals. So, please try it yourself.

Love and Peace


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