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How do you get out of a black hole

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®

When something bad happens, how do you deal with your emotion?

It had been very difficult for the last couple of weeks for me. Things kept happening one after the other.

Our van broke down while driving home at night.

My husband took it to shop and fixed it.

And very next day it broke down again.

(We needed towing twice.)

There was a leak in the toilet tank, it flooded the floor.

We took our cat to the vet thinking it’s not bad, but she ended up in surgery.

These are all disasters!!!

Old me would be in the tornado of negative emotion for days.

Even though nothing could change, I kept worrying.

Life goes on.

Happy things or not.

When not so happy things happen in your life, how can we bring back ourselves to be happy again?

Listening to music, or be in nature is one of them.

When things like this are happening to me, I ask help from my power animal, HAWK. I imagine I'm a hawk, I'm flying high freely, feeling so comfortable.

Then, through the hawk's eye, I look down on my self.

You can say, seeing the big picture.

There is me going through ups and downs in life, there is another me, watching down on myself from a different angle.

It may take some time to get used to doing this.

But once you can manage to do this, you won't stay in the negative tornado for a very long.

And to see things in a different angle, sometimes, you can see completely different things.

How do you get out of a black hole?

Love and Peace


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