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What kind of abilities do your pets have?

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®.

I want to mention one thing about my last week's blog. The liver is full of Vitamin A, but if you give cats too much of liver, they may get diarrhea, it is also not good for their bones. So, it's better to give them a small amount. There is lots of information out there, so please find out on your own. Now, which of the species are wiser? Is it cats or dogs? I know everyone has a different opinion. It is a never ending debate. My husband has put on the kitty doors to every door in the house so that kitties can go in and out freely. The kitty door has a lock that is attached to it.

We have three cats, so I have to vacuum often. I think most of the cats don't like the noise that the vacuum machine makes, and my kitties are no exception. One day, I was going to vacuum, thinking that they didn't like this noise, so I put Tara in the different room and locked the kitty door. While I was vacuuming, I thought I saw something pass by, but I kept vacuuming thinking that was weird. So, I looked up. To my surprise, Tara is sitting on the window sill as if she was there for a long time. I was looking at the door, and thinking did I lock it or didn't I? But I was sure I locked the door. When I looked back at Tara, she was looking at me very proudly. Saying that "Yes, Mommy. I did it. I know how to unlock the door." One of my kitties can push the door to open.

The second one can pull the door to open,

and the last one can unlock the door.

They all have different abilities.

What kind of abilities do your pets have?

Love and Peace Keiko

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