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Connecting with your higher self

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®. Are you able to connect with your higher self?

Since I became an animal communicator, my intuition is stronger than before, but I feel that I still don't have a strong connection with my higher self. I tend to think in my head a lot, so it was very hard for me to get out of the idea of "things have to be a certain way." Even though I studied animal communication for more than two years, I am still thinking that my higher self could show up as a vision one day, or I would suddenly hear my higher self's voice. Things have happened in this past week. Things that are so pathetic and embarrassing. I was so disappointed with myself. I felt that I was going so far away from my higher self. But at the same time, I noticed no matter how low I thought I could get, help is always around me. I don't trust easily, so my guides showed me an obvious confirmation, and with their help, I was able to get out of the worst situation. I am a card reader also, using Tarot and Oracle cards. I used to read a lot about myself until about 10 years ago if there was some concern. Recently I read about my self once in a couple of months, when I feel like it. But then, this "Feel like reading cards" came up, and I realized that this "feeling" is the way my higher self is talking to me. This idea of reading cards comes up several times, nudging me very subtly. The very first time this idea came up in my mind, I was busy doing something else, so I forgot about reading cards. Then again this idea popped up in my mind. In my case, I didn't have worry or concern so whenever "reading cards" come up, this means that my higher self wants to talk to me. What my higher self wanted to tell me was to re-evaluate my self-worth. I'm worth more than I think I am, and the things that happened to me were pathetic and embarrassing, this happened to let me know about my self-worth.

Life, every day is a learning experience.

Love and Peace Keiko

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