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The guard cat Uriel

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®.

It's almost Christmas. I always feel that New Years in Japan is like Christmas in this country, and New Years in Canada is like Christmas in Japan. I feel it's opposite. My third daughter Uriel.

She likes watching outside. If she sees something outside ie, car or human, she growls and lets me know, just like a guard cat. But, after the initial growl, she climbs up to the bed, goes under the covers and hides. I don't know if she is courageous or a coward. There was a big storm the other day. It was so windy that we lost power, and it was happening all over the province. There are trees around where I live, I heard a cracking noise, and branches broke off and would hit the side of the house. I felt scared that day, but my hubby was home at this time so I felt much better. When the power goes out, he is in a good mood because he feels as if he is camping. After I lighted the candles in every room, I was on the bed thinking it's nice to be in the candlelight once in a while. Then my husband turned on the Coleman lantern that he uses for camping and hooked it up on the sealing. Uriel and I were laying down on the bed, but as soon as Uriel heard the noise of the lantern, she freaked out and jumped off the bed, then climbed up the side of the bed went in under the covers and became a little lump. The lantern is very bright but noisy, she has never heard this noise before, so it must've scared her. I knew how she felt, so I started to talk to her gently. She got it and came out from under the covers, and came up on the bed and was looking towards where the noise is coming from. Whenever something bothers Uriel, she goes under the covers of the bed and becomes a little lump. She acts as a guard cat too but whatever she does makes me laugh. How does your pet make you feel? Love and Peace Keiko

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