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Living overseas

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®.

Recently, I found this tv show, it is called 90 days fiance the other way.

It's about leaving your home country in the name of love, and about moving abroad and marry within 90 days. (fiance visa runs out in 90 days.)

Not like a foreigner comes to the States, some Americans go to other countries, that's why it's "the other way."

You can see how hard it is to live in a foreign country from the country which you are used to and has everything.

I did a similar thing, not for romantic love but for the love of learning English. I left everything I knew to a completely foreign country. So, I understand what they are going through.

You need humongous courage to leave everything you know, your family and friends.

The frustration you feel from the language that you don't understand. Dealing with loneliness. the difference of culture and the way things works. You just don't know anything.

I came here alone with one suitcase, I didn't know anybody, but I guess I was young, I was so excited to know the things that I didn't know and joy of learning new things was overcasting the hardship.

To begin with, before we are born as a human, as a soul, we chose which country to be born.

Think of it now, the reason I chose Japan is that this country had everything I needed to learn for this (current) life and compared with other countries, it's hard to move to different country, but not that hard like from a communist country.

Why do you think your soul chose your country to be born?

Love and Peace Keiko

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