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Delightful gang and Cocoa's peculiar behavior

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Cocoa and Ruby are always together.

Cocoa and Ruby black kitties

All sorts of visitors come to the Watt family.

A chipmunk, I call him Chippie


The Quail family

quail family

A Steller's Jay doesn't like the quail family.

Steller's Jay

Cocoa and Ruby watch them intently.

Cocoa, black kitty looking outside.

Ruby, black and white kitty watching outside through the window

Hubby and I like watching the show, it makes us laugh.

We have kitty beds in the front of the window by the kitchen table.

I put this toy (it's a toy for dogs and about 10cm in length)

Dog toy

for their pillow, and they like it.

One day, I found this toy on the floor.

I didn't think anything about it, it must have fallen off the table, so I put it back on their bed.

Then I found the same toy in the bedroom.

I thought this is strange. It was on the kitty bed by the window. Then I looked, it was gone the next day.

And this cushion.

cute cat pillow

My friend gave me this as a gift.

When you put it upside down, you can put your arms from the part of the ear, and use it as a pillow while you are sitting.

It's cute and soft to touch, and comfortable.

It's my favorite, but the space between the part of the ear fits perfectly to the curve of the kitty's body, so, I put this cushion on the window side for them.

Then one day,

I witnessed Cocoa drugging this cushion which is bigger than his body.

I put it back where it was.

Then while I was doing dishes, he left this cushion behind me. As if he is telling me,

"Mommy, I brought your favorite cushion for you."

No matter how many times I put it back, I keep finding it on the floor, so I cleaned it and decided to use it in the bedroom.

Then next,

I found this cushion in front of the bedroom door by the kitty door.

I guess, in his mind, this big cushion can go through the kitty door.

He must have tried but was unsuccessful.

Just imagining this makes me laugh.

Does your pet have any peculiar behaviors?

Love and Peace



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