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Dreams are whispers from your soul

I dreamt the other day.

The strange thing was that I woke up with a deep feeling of loneliness.

It has been a long time since I felt this kind of loneliness.

word DREAM on the grass.

A dream works in a funny way.

The other day I was watching TV, and there was a couple, visiting New York.

Probably because of this scene I saw, I dreamt I was in New York.

For some reason, I guess I divorced my husband in the past, and I was with somebody new at a restaurant visiting his family.

I left the table for whatever reason then I got lost.

It was impossible to find them. I tried so hard, asking everybody.

By the time I found the table that I was at, there was nobody. They already left or something.

Because I had my credit card with me, money wasn't an issue. I could pay whatever I owe to this restaurant.

Since I didn't know his cell phone number, I couldn't call him.

Then I remembered my current real-life husband's cell phone number in my dream.

As I was hesitant to call, I knew he wasn't in New York.

Then I woke up with a deep feeling of loneliness.

I looked up the meaning of my dream. The first one I found says it's something to do with aging. According to that website, when people are getting older, they often dream about loneliness.

I kind of get that if I'm 100 years old or something.

I found another site, and I think this one applies to me.


Dreaming About Being Lost In An Unknown Town

Being lost in an unknown city in dreams mean that you’re a dreamer. However, with some doubts. You’re probably having a hard time believing in your capabilities. Also, you aren’t sure which path to take forward in order to achieve your dreams.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you kept going. Just make sure that you put enough thought and effort into whatever step you take forward.


Sure, I have things I want to do in my life, but that feeling of loneliness was so real.

I guess I may look lonely to other people.

But I know I have a team of guides with me 24/7,

I can never be lonely even if I wanted to be.

When we were souls, before we incarnate, we are surrounded by love. We know we are love.

We couldn't experience "Loneliness" unless we come to Earth.

So, I figured, my soul wanted to experience a feeling of loneliness and send a message with this dream.

Have you dreamt recently?

Love and Peace



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