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How do you deal with fear?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

It started to get cold where I live.

It gets minus something in the morning and at night time.

This is the picture from my backyard a couple days ago.

snow on top of the mountain

The very next day, this white part was gone, but when this white line reached the bottom we could get snow on the ground.

I did Facebook Live with my soulmates the other day. (In Japanese.)

Because the topic was about nature, one of them asked me about the wildfires last summer.

I was on evacuation alert for more than a month last August.

In fact, British Columbia was on fire.

Cool weather and rain helped the fire to calm down, but I was living 15km away from the fire.

Thinking back about it, I think it was a “test” for me to face my own fear.

I’ve been learning how to deal with my emotions. To look within myself for years.

So, instead of reacting and going down a spiral of negative thoughts, I thought I could manage my emotions better than before.

But this fear was a big one.

I would have to leave on a moment of notice, RCMP showed up at the door to make sure if we needed help when we had to evacuate, depending on the wind the fire got bigger and bigger.

To deal with this constant fear was not easy.

When the fear takes over, you never get rest because you are always worried, sad, and dealing with a never ending battle of negative thoughts. Not only the mind, this eventually shows up on our physical body. We tend to attract the same frequency, so when we think negatively, more negative things could happen in everyday life.

But the fear does more than that.

When we feel fear, this adds to our collective group consciousness.

Just imagine so many people keep adding fear to this collective consciousness, nothing good comes out from this.

I chose NOT to do this.

When the fear showed up I gave it to the angels.

I want you to remember we are never alone.

Help is always around you.

How do you deal with fear?

Love and Peace



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