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Does living with your pets just happen by chance?

Hi. Everyone.

I am Keiko. I am a soul level animal communicator®.

Does living with your pets just happen by chance?

I had a chance to talk about animal communication the other day.

I was talking about "A Soul Contract."

Animals are teachers. They teach us lessons that we decide before we are born as a human.

There is a reason why animals come into your life, and timing also has meaning.

cat peaking from a basket

One of the people told me about her experience with her cat.

Her kitty entered her life in later years and passed away in her arms.

But, this experience gave this human the knowledge of how a soul passes.

Because of her experiences with her cat, she was able to endure this difficult time when her parents passed away.

It is true that animals do this.

There is no coincidence that this kitty came to her late in life.

I have had a similar experience with my kitty too. So, I completely understand what she is talking about.

Remember, pets are here to assist you with your soul growth.

What are you learning from your pets?

Love and Peace



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