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Is this conspiracy?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

My husband needed to see his family in the East.

He enjoys driving, and I was happy to have peace and quiet with my kitties.

Pixie and Cocoa, are my boys, but Ruby, loves my husband.

Tuxedo kitty wearing red vest

I told her my husband will be away for a while, and she had to deal with me. She must be shocked to hear that. She wasn't moving and was staring at one spot. Obviously, she wasn't happy, but there was nothing she could do.

When my kitties go outside, they need to wear a vest with a bell. They need to be supervised every time they go out.

I have daily chores that I need to do in my backyard.

So, when my husband is here, we take turns watching them.

Now, I was alone with this task.

I kept an eye on them while I was doing the chores.

Periodically, I praised them that they are being really good. Oh, they are so proud that they know what to do and happy that I applauded their behaviour.

When the time came to come inside, all I had to do was call their name, and they came in one by one.

This never happened before.

Getting them inside was a big debacle because they wanted to stay outside.

We are all enjoying this quiet time, and I felt the distance between Ruby and me had become closer, or so I thought.

The day my husband came home,

Ruby missed him so much.

She jumped up on his lap and wanted to be cradled in his arm.

For the record, since I have lived with Ruby, she has never done things like this to me. Not even once.

I'm guessing my husband and Ruby have had a deep connection from their past life.

He is so happy knowing that he is loved by a kitty.

He has been living with kitties in the past but no kitty showed him this much love.

Later that day, after my husband went to sleep,

Ruby came to me.

So, I told her that she did a good job! and my husband was really happy because of what she did.

It almost felt like we planned a conspiracy before and agreed that it worked out well because he needs to know he is lovable.

Have you conspired something with your pet?

Love and Peace



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