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Living with annoyance

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

This is Pixie.

tabby cat in the red tent

He is about a year and a half now.

This is how Pixie sleeps.

tabby cat sleeping on top of the kitty tower

I never knew a cat sleeps like this.

I lived with many cats but this is new to me.

Change the subject here, obviously my Pixie is not an annoyance.

Recently, I realized something.

Things that I use everyday are a bit broken or not working well,

and I have these things that annoy me a lot.

These annoying things, there are too many of them around me, so it starts to make me angry instead of annoying.

I live with another human, but he is not a handy-man type of person, and he is also annoyed by these things that are not working properly, but it seems to me, he would rather be angry than fix it.

So, last time when I went shopping, I looked for the parts to fix one of the annoying things.

To my surprise, I found them quite easily, and successfully I kind of fixed it (with the help of my better half.)

It wasn’t that hard.

I wondered why I let myself suffer that long.

A couple of things didn't bother me but there were just too many broken things.

It was a little thing in my mind in the beginning, but it was taking a toll.

Maybe I've just accepted these irritations as a part of life.

It must have been draining my energy a lot.

Two major annoying things have been fixed so far.

There is a lot more but I feel so much better now.

Do you have annoying things that need to be fixed?

Or are you living with annoyance.

Love and Peace



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