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Meet Pixie, a new addition to my family

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Meet Pixie, a new addition to my family.

tabby kitten

Almost a month has passed since he came to our house.

My hubby and I thought it was a girl in the beginning, hence the name. He has become twice the size since he has come into our house.

It was impossible for me to hold him the first time he came to our house because he was a wild cat.

So, I wore grabs first and, then I touched him. Long behold, he bit me big time.

He was so scared, that he went into a small space, and didn't come out for days.

A week passed, and it was still the same.

He comes out when he eats, then went back to hide.

I finally understand what wild cat means.

Almost two weeks passed, and my husband and I started to worry that things may never change.

Then here comes my hero, Cocoa!!

Black cat lays on top of the kitty tower

(He lays on the top of the kitty tower like this.)

He taught Pixie everything.

How to use the litter, and kitty door, and how to climb the kitty tower.

Pixie is very smart, it didn't take long. Now he can do everything.

In the place Cocoa and Ruby were born, there is a cat community. If there is a kitten, wherever it comes from, the adult cats will take care of them.

Because they grew up in a place like that, or their age is close to Pixie, Cocoa and Ruby took Pixie in.

They really get along well and, they run around every day.

3 kitties on top of the kitty tower

(This space is only for one cat but three of them were there.)

I didn't expect that I would be a parent of three kitties again.

The look of Pixie is like adding Fluffy, Tara, and Uriel together.

He must have known that I love fluffy things, that's why he chose this form.

When he came to us, he stayed in a small space, but now he sleeps on the bed with us.

He makes me laugh every day, I appreciate him so much. He went through a lot to be with me.

Love and Peace



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