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My recent client testimonial for Soul Level Animal communication®

My recent client testimonial for Soul Level Animal communication®.


After my last fascinating "past life reading" with Keiko, I booked "Soul level animal communication" for my Silver's birthday.

Keiko captured the essence(and her moves!)of my Silver, the one I am so familiar with and love. It swept away my sorrow and tears as the reading went on.You know you are in good hands when that happens.

It was another beautiful, heart-felt reading! It danced like the Northern Light and it flew like the Cherry blossom.

kitty named Silver in heart

We only had 5 minutes left with my current kitten Rain. Keiko got to the key characters of him right away, plus the purpose he is here for.

Everything was so on point!

tabby kitty named Rain

Reading with my animals always lifts my soul. Surprisingly, not only do I love them more, I further get to know myself, and I just love a little more. 💕🐶🐱



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